homescapes review

homescapes review

Homescapes is a wonderful game and a worthy successor to Gardenscapes. The story is again super-cute, the game is drawn in beautiful colors and the match 3 games have it as always in itself. A great download.

Wanted Friends for the Superb Mobile Game by Publisher Playrix Games? We can serve that, as we offer in the comments under this article to active players to post their names and thus make new friendships for the construction game.

The game has been released in the App Store by Apple and can be downloaded as a free universal app for iPhones and iPads. We betray it right at the beginning: The new addition continues exactly where the successful Gardenscapes left off – with limitless fun.


The download size around 139 MB and comes with a Geo localization. Exemplary of Playrix, you have to hold on. The editors liked games just better. After all, they are also offered in the iTunes Store of the iPhone manufacturer.

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Homescapes hack

All you need to know about homescapes

Homescapes cheats friends neighbors

In-Ap offers are of course available, with which the publisher wants to earn money. The prices for the coins range from € 1.09 to € 109.99. The game can therefore tear a decent hole in the cash register. Impatient players should be careful. With friends in the game, however, you have clear advantages and does not necessarily need the in-apps purchase.


The plot is as good as any known: The player is to help with Butler Austin an old family villa to new splendor. To do so, you have to play Match 3 Games and be able to renovate and decorate the villa with your progress. It also opens up more and more chapters of the family history that really has it in it.

The game can not only score through game idea and story – the implementation is absolutely successful. Surroundings and characters look great. So, do not wait too long: Load Game and post name in comments below this article for other players to invite. By the way, as always cheats and hacks are offered for the game. Our tip is as always: Stay away, such downloads may contain malware.

All you need to know about homescapes

All you need to know about homescapes

In Homescapes, you take on the role of Butler Austin, who returns to his parents’ house to bring it back to shape as he knows it from his childhood. You play in the 3-Match game hundreds of levels and earns you so stars, with which you buy new decorations and furniture for the house.

The most important facts about Homescapes

  • Release date: September 18, 2017
  • Genre: 3-in-a-row
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Features: Mix of match 3 game and build simulation of the battered parent of protagonist Austin, the butler.
  • Developer: Playrix Games
  • Publisher: Playrix Games

Homescapes: Sweet home, luck alone

The mansion of the parents of Austin has experienced better times since his childhood days. Dust in every corner, the carpet flattened and broken furniture where you can only look. Here you come into play and repair and decorate the property from scratch until it shines in new splendor.

But you need plenty of stars, with which you buy new cabinets, beds, chairs and many other things and placed in the house. These are earned through typical 3-match games in which you combine the same colored tiles on the board, thus fulfilling the respective level conditions.

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Homescapes: The best tips & tricks

Homescape’s Tips: Get the Most Out of the Villa!

Homescapes tips for all levels

In this way you earn your stars and renovate the villa gradually. Here you follow the story of Austin, his parents and many other friends that he gets to know during the game. But beware, because the levels are getting more difficult and the tasks are getting more and more complex. In addition, you only have limited moves per level. When these are used up, you lose a life and have to restart the level.

Homescapes: Release and Platforms

Homescapes is available since September 18, 2017 for iOS and Android and can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app stores.

Homescapes: The best tips & tricks

Homescapes: The best tips & tricks

Do you play homescapes every now and then? The gameplay behind the popular free-to-play puzzle game is simple, but those who want to be successful in Match 3 puzzles have to strain their gray cells. With our tips you get to your destination faster.If you love our article visit our blog for more latest articles about homescapes.

At Homescapes for Android and iOS, you slip into the role of butler Austin, solving match-3 puzzles and providing the rewards to make an old estate shine again. Some levels in the mobile game are quite demanding – so our tips and tricks will help you find the solution.


At every level of Homescapes, the power-up tiles are helpful. With them it is possible to reach the end of the stage in record speed with the help of the boost. For example, you can make the rocket if you have four tiles in a row or column. The bomb can be activated as soon as five matching tiles in L-shape have been put together.

The rainbow ball is reminiscent of the color bomb you may know from the cult hit Candy Crush. For this you need five tiles in a row or column. Finally, there is the paper plane: You can trigger it, if you create a square of matching tiles. By the way: If you combine power-ups, you benefit from an even stronger effect.

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You do not necessarily have to spend your resources on renovating the estate, as long as you are primarily concerned with the puzzles and not the story. By the associated boosters and bonus coins you beautify but not only the house, but also earn you some real benefits.


We here at always guide you with our latest articles about this beautiful game.Sure, you can also make it easy for yourself by using one of the cheats advertised everywhere on the net. But beware: You not only spoil the fun of playing with it, but also get you with dubious cheat applications in the worst case, a malicious software on your device. And as with any game, the motto is: Who uses cheats celebrates no real success.

At Homescapes, purposefulness counts

In summary, it is important to make clever use of the advantages that appear in the game. If it does not work out with a puzzle, try to always concentrate on the goal of the task – fast rethinking gives you a real advantage.

Can you do some puzzle games like Homescapes? Do you have even some tips on this title in petto? Please tell us in the comments.

Homescape’s Tips: Get the Most Out of the Villa!

Homescape’s Tips: Get the Most Out of the Villa!

The right Homescape tips will help you master the new puzzle building game around Butler Austin. Here you will learn more!

Score points with Homescape’s tips

With the Homescape app developer Playrix once again proved a knack for a well-rounded game. Again we accompany Butler Austin – but this time in his private environment: We help him to bring his parents’ house back to shape.

In doing so, Playrix resorts to the recipe that has already been proven in Gardenscapes, combining match-3-puzzle with layout simulation and story – and that works very well here as well. We learn a lot about Austin, his parents and their ancestors, and that captivates properly.

The game is not always easy to gamble on. Even if you have a lot of creative freedom, it is time to wait – and plan tactically wise. Our Homescape tips will help.

Puzzle: Combinations help

At Homescapes, it’s time again to solve match-3 puzzles to get new inventory and home improvements – and, in turn, the family’s story. For each level you get a star that you can use to build. Tasks in the house support you in the progress.

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Within the puzzles you can score with combinations. Because as usual you can also combine more than three identical items and dust bonuses:

  • Four items in a row: Rocket: The missile destroys all items in a row or column, depending on which direction it is aimed.
  • Four Objects in the Square: Paper Airplanes: With the small paper plane you can destroy the four fields above, below, left and right of the plane. Then the little thing flies to another object on the board, which is then destroyed as well. It is always one whose disappearance makes sense – for example, a hard to reach stone. If you have a paper plane, it’s best to wait until the end of the level to complete the mission.
  • Five L-shaped objects: Bomb: A bomb takes everything around it when exploding. Best placed in the middle and explode!
  • Five items in a row: Rainbow Ball: If you combine the rainbow ball with an item, all items of the same type will also be removed. Practical in levels where you have to remove certain items.

Try to combine special items together to make them even stronger. For example, you can clear the entire field with two combined rainbow balls.


Before each puzzle, look at what your goal in this level is. Sometimes there are two requirements: destroying boxes and removing a certain color, for example. In this case, concentrate on removing the speakers. At the same time you take along a lot of stones of the paint to be removed.

Additional tip : Do you have to lay out your carpet? Then make sure that all bonus items are also on carpet – because only then will the target areas receive carpet.


You do not have to renovate and decorate, if you do not care about the story any more, but you just want to puzzle. However, there are bonus coins and, above all, practical boosters if you regularly complete tasks and complete a day.

You get help mainly through friends – so it will take you much further if you build up a large network within the game to support each other.

Coins: Coins are few and far between in the game. An important among the Homescape tips is therefore: Save! Who knows at what level you have to use the coins once. This will certainly not be the case early in the game.

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Can I do without in-app purchases?

Anyone who plays extensively will sooner or later reach various limits. Every now and then it means “wait”, until finally it can be played further. Anyone who is impatient, of course, can still look in the app-internal store and boost everything with various investments between 1.09 and 109.99 euros. But you should think twice about that. Once started, that can add up nicely – and if additional life really helps you, that’s not an option. Better use the bonuses you get over your friends. And practice patience every now and then. Can not hurt either.

Additional tip: In the tutorial after receiving a new booster, it is automatically selected so that it appears in the next level. But you can also deselect it and pick it up for a later, difficult level!

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Beware of cheats

If you google for a while, you will also find Homescape’s cheats. But beware – dubious deals usually lurk here, which in the worst case do not bring you anything and in the worst case play malware on the device or pick up your data. Homescape’s tips take you a long way.

Homescapes tips for all levels

Homescapes tips for all levels

Are you stuck at level 24 by Homescapes or have problems with later levels like 28 and 45? The Match 3 game gets harder and harder with each level, and new elements make it harder for you to accomplish all your goals. In the video, we’ll show you how to solve level 24, which is initially a hurdle for many players. In addition, we provide you with more tips for the free mobile game.

Let’s face it: in Homescapes, luck plays a big role and there is not one of the top tactics that will help you solve any level of mobile game. However, there are certain things to watch out for as they generally make life easier for you in Austin’s home. Level 24 in particular causes many players a headache at the beginning. The following video shows you how you can solve it in the best case.

How to create level 24!

At level 24, you must clear 40 yellow lights and 40 blue books from the board within 22 moves. This is complicated by the many boxes that take away valuable space. To make sure you are level 24, keep in mind the following tips:

  • First, concentrate on clearing the boxes of the board as fast as possible. To do this, you must create combinations that are exactly adjacent to the boxes.
  • Especially the few moves in Level 24 often put you on the wrong track. So try to generate as many power-ups as possible so you can quickly get rid of the boxes and collect yellow and blue stones. The bomb is particularly useful in removing the boxes.
  • If you are lucky enough to get a rainbow ball (5 stones of the same color in a row), you should logically connect it to a yellow or blue stone. Of course, even better are power-ups like bombs, paper planes and rockets for the combo.

General tip for all levels in Homescapes: Bite your teeth off at a level, finish the game, and try again a few hours later or the next day. Although we can not prove it, we believe that a nasty algorithm is in homescapes. So some levels have cost us a lot of lives and have tempted us to spend coins to buy more hearts.

But if we stopped earlier and played a difficult level with some distance again, we often did it in the first attempt. Our guess is that at the beginning of each new game session, luck is more on your side. Meaning, the game mixes not so much through the stones and allows you easier combinations. However, with increasing playing time, it will be made more difficult and you should be tempted to.

How to complete Level 28 on Homescapes

The next hard nut is already waiting for you at level 28. Here you have to bring five donuts to the exit and lay out the entire playing field with a green carpet. You have 25 moves for this. To make matters worse double-packed boxes still block some areas of the field, so you have to pay attention to several things.

While you can still bring the donuts to the exit relatively easily, the real challenge is laying out the green carpet. Also in this level, a rainbow ball will do wonders. If you have a booster of this kind left, the use in level 28 is definitely worth it. The following video shows you the successful completion of the level.

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How to complete Level 45 on Homescapes

What did we do at Level 45, but we made it here after a few tries. Within 24 moves you have to clear 20 cherries from the field. The problem is that the cherries are enclosed in several layers of jelly and are also surrounded by stones in chains.

As in almost every level, some luck is needed. So it is advantageous if you get a bomb suit at the beginning, with which you first burst many of the chains. In order to get the cherries out of the jelly before the trains expire, you need a rainbow ball, otherwise it will be very difficult. The following video shows you a successful attempt.

How to complete Level 64 on Homescapes

In level 64, it is necessary to lay out 63 fields of carpet and remove 20 biscuits from the field. In addition, many of the stones are linked. Trying to remove them effectively while laying out a specific carpet. The biscuits are removed automatically. The following video shows you how it works.

How to complete Level 67 on Homescapes

At level 67 you have to clear 38 cherries in 32 moves. You move to a second board after clearing the cherries on the first square. The cherries are on the first field partially delimited to the left and right of the rest of the field. So you’re bound to rely on rockets and paper planes to reach them.

On the second court you do not have this problem anymore, but the moves are always tight. The following video shows you a successful attempt.

How to complete Level 80 on Homescapes

At level 80 you have to lay out 86 rugs within 22 moves. At the beginning, however, there is only one carpet, which is apparently out of reach in the middle and is also doubly linked. The top priority is therefore to use rockets, bombs or paper planes to break the chains in the middle as fast as possible and activate the paper plane in the field.

Then it is necessary to move the green carpet as soon as possible with the remaining moves on all remaining fields. Not an easy task! In the following video you can see how it can work.

How to complete Level 95 on Homescapes

Due to the foam that spreads slowly over the board in level 95, this level is a real challenge. To make matters worse, the foam continues to spread with each move that it is not removed and blocks you from further fields. As crowning conclusion, many stones are still simple and doubly linked.

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If you want to be able to carpet the entire playing field in the 21 moves and destroy the 23 elements of foam, you need a rainbow ball relatively early in the game, which you combine with another power-up. Also, be sure to remove some foam with every pull, if possible. If it spreads a few times in a row, you have no chance to meet the goals. Do not despair, the luck factor plays here once again a crucial role, as the following video shows.

How to complete Level 99 on Homescapes

Before you reach level 100, level 99 will once again put you to the test. You must lay carpet 74 times within 35 moves and down eight donuts to level exit. The whole thing is complicated by foam and barriers between the fields.

In this level you have to find the right balance. Focus on laying the carpet, but also make sure to remove the foam on a regular basis. The donuts should automatically find their way down. Without rainbow ball this level will probably be difficult to achieve. The following video will help you succeed.

How to complete Level 103 on Homescapes

In level 103 you have to remove 24 cherries from the field in 26 moves. As usual, these are packed heavily in jelly and difficult to reach, especially in the corners. There are also some chains that hold stones. But if you use your power-ups cleverly and as far down the field as possible, you should not have much trouble with the level.

How to complete Level 130 on Homescapes

Level 130 has it all! You have to lay 60 times carpet in 25 moves and ignite 24 power-ups. Many barriers and chained stones hamper your progress in addition. If the chance arises, you should fire the two bombs at the beginning in a green field. So first, see if there are any adjacent combinations.

Homescapes free coins and stars here

Otherwise, you probably will not get around a combination of rainbow ball and power-up at this level, so you can get the required number of ignited power-ups. It is therefore necessary once again a little luck. The following video shows you how it works.

At which levels do you bite your teeth and need help? Write us in the comments and we will complement the guide accordingly.