Homescapes: The best tips & tricks

Homescapes: The best tips & tricks

Do you play homescapes every now and then? The gameplay behind the popular free-to-play puzzle game is simple, but those who want to be successful in Match 3 puzzles have to strain their gray cells. With our tips you get to your destination faster.If you love our article visit our blog for more latest articles about homescapes.

At Homescapes for Android and iOS, you slip into the role of butler Austin, solving match-3 puzzles and providing the rewards to make an old estate shine again. Some levels in the mobile game are quite demanding – so our tips and tricks will help you find the solution.


At every level of Homescapes, the power-up tiles are helpful. With them it is possible to reach the end of the stage in record speed with the help of the boost. For example, you can make the rocket if you have four tiles in a row or column. The bomb can be activated as soon as five matching tiles in L-shape have been put together.

The rainbow ball is reminiscent of the color bomb you may know from the cult hit Candy Crush. For this you need five tiles in a row or column. Finally, there is the paper plane: You can trigger it, if you create a square of matching tiles. By the way: If you combine power-ups, you benefit from an even stronger effect.

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You do not necessarily have to spend your resources on renovating the estate, as long as you are primarily concerned with the puzzles and not the story. By the associated boosters and bonus coins you beautify but not only the house, but also earn you some real benefits.


We here at always guide you with our latest articles about this beautiful game.Sure, you can also make it easy for yourself by using one of the cheats advertised everywhere on the net. But beware: You not only spoil the fun of playing with it, but also get you with dubious cheat applications in the worst case, a malicious software on your device. And as with any game, the motto is: Who uses cheats celebrates no real success.

At Homescapes, purposefulness counts

In summary, it is important to make clever use of the advantages that appear in the game. If it does not work out with a puzzle, try to always concentrate on the goal of the task – fast rethinking gives you a real advantage.

Can you do some puzzle games like Homescapes? Do you have even some tips on this title in petto? Please tell us in the comments.

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