Homescape’s Tips: Get the Most Out of the Villa!

Homescape’s Tips: Get the Most Out of the Villa!

The right Homescape tips will help you master the new puzzle building game around Butler Austin. Here you will learn more!

Score points with Homescape’s tips

With the Homescape app developer Playrix once again proved a knack for a well-rounded game. Again we accompany Butler Austin – but this time in his private environment: We help him to bring his parents’ house back to shape.

In doing so, Playrix resorts to the recipe that has already been proven in Gardenscapes, combining match-3-puzzle with layout simulation and story – and that works very well here as well. We learn a lot about Austin, his parents and their ancestors, and that captivates properly.

The game is not always easy to gamble on. Even if you have a lot of creative freedom, it is time to wait – and plan tactically wise. Our Homescape tips will help.

Puzzle: Combinations help

At Homescapes, it’s time again to solve match-3 puzzles to get new inventory and home improvements – and, in turn, the family’s story. For each level you get a star that you can use to build. Tasks in the house support you in the progress.

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Within the puzzles you can score with combinations. Because as usual you can also combine more than three identical items and dust bonuses:

  • Four items in a row: Rocket: The missile destroys all items in a row or column, depending on which direction it is aimed.
  • Four Objects in the Square: Paper Airplanes: With the small paper plane you can destroy the four fields above, below, left and right of the plane. Then the little thing flies to another object on the board, which is then destroyed as well. It is always one whose disappearance makes sense – for example, a hard to reach stone. If you have a paper plane, it’s best to wait until the end of the level to complete the mission.
  • Five L-shaped objects: Bomb: A bomb takes everything around it when exploding. Best placed in the middle and explode!
  • Five items in a row: Rainbow Ball: If you combine the rainbow ball with an item, all items of the same type will also be removed. Practical in levels where you have to remove certain items.

Try to combine special items together to make them even stronger. For example, you can clear the entire field with two combined rainbow balls.


Before each puzzle, look at what your goal in this level is. Sometimes there are two requirements: destroying boxes and removing a certain color, for example. In this case, concentrate on removing the speakers. At the same time you take along a lot of stones of the paint to be removed.

Additional tip : Do you have to lay out your carpet? Then make sure that all bonus items are also on carpet – because only then will the target areas receive carpet.


You do not have to renovate and decorate, if you do not care about the story any more, but you just want to puzzle. However, there are bonus coins and, above all, practical boosters if you regularly complete tasks and complete a day.

You get help mainly through friends – so it will take you much further if you build up a large network within the game to support each other.

Coins: Coins are few and far between in the game. An important among the Homescape tips is therefore: Save! Who knows at what level you have to use the coins once. This will certainly not be the case early in the game.

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Can I do without in-app purchases?

Anyone who plays extensively will sooner or later reach various limits. Every now and then it means “wait”, until finally it can be played further. Anyone who is impatient, of course, can still look in the app-internal store and boost everything with various investments between 1.09 and 109.99 euros. But you should think twice about that. Once started, that can add up nicely – and if additional life really helps you, that’s not an option. Better use the bonuses you get over your friends. And practice patience every now and then. Can not hurt either.

Additional tip: In the tutorial after receiving a new booster, it is automatically selected so that it appears in the next level. But you can also deselect it and pick it up for a later, difficult level!

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Beware of cheats

If you google for a while, you will also find Homescape’s cheats. But beware – dubious deals usually lurk here, which in the worst case do not bring you anything and in the worst case play malware on the device or pick up your data. Homescape’s tips take you a long way.

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